Sunday, October 9, 2011

And another thing...

Look at me, blogging again!

Blogging amidst all the kt literary jollification yesterday, I forgot to mention that Bobbie Pyron featured the dog Callie and me on her website. Very cute blog idea. Callie needed some good news, having spent much of the past three weeks in her Cone of Shame from her vet surgery.

Also, there are a couple of tidbits of good news. First, SMALL PERSONS WITH WINGS has been accepted for Scholastic Book Clubs and Book Fairs, starting this coming winter. THE UNNAMEABLES, meanwhile, is on the reading list for the Youngstown State University English Festival, which brings some 3,000 teens to campus every march to discuss the books on the list, among other activities.

I'm so pumped about this stuff.


Barrie said...

Congratulations! Congratulations! (That's one for each bit of good news!) :)

Ellen Booraem said...

Thanks! Thanks!