Thursday, February 7, 2008

Pros and Cons

Good news: It snowed some more. Bad news: It's still not quite enough to ski. One more like this and maybe we'll talk business.

Good news: Today was a writing day, after a century and a half of frigging around with lesson plans and symphony reviews and copy edits and maps and volunteer projects biting me on the ankle. Bad news: I had a bad case of First-Day-Back-itis, and wrote as if I had claws instead of fingers. I did get some thinking done on various plot holes, though, and tomorrow will be better.

Good news: Since the Democratic race is so close, all of a sudden Maine means something. Yesterday, half the newscasts forgot our little caucus existed. Today, Obama and Clintons-squared announced plans to come to Maine over the weekend. Obama will be in Bangor, which is tempting but I'd rather have a writing day. Bad news: Regardless what we do in Maine, we risk a brokered convention and angst aplenty. And McCain's going to be hard to beat.

Good news: Hey! I blogged two days in a row! Bad news: I did it so I wouldn't have to write.

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