Wednesday, June 18, 2008


I'm not that much of a naturalist, but shouldn't somebody break it to this spider that his/her camouflage is faulty? Very trendy color combination, so he/she does get style points. But he/she is going to starve to death, or make a nice meal for someone else. Maybe his/her target bugs are color-blind.

This has been a fractured week so far. Lots of Youth Corps prep, a bit of web site organization and photography, a bit of Filioli revision. Got my jacket copy from Kathy Dawson at Harcourt (brilliant), updated my author bio, discovered that the copy of my author photo I have on hand isn't the right resolution and probably the right one doesn't exist, so we'll have to reshoot. (I should reshoot that sentence but it has kind of a loose-limbed charm so I'm leaving it.)

Other than that...just wandering around criticizing other people's camouflage.

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