Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Rushing into Summer

It's been a hectic few days, mostly because of the Youth Corps, our little town's summer youth program, for which I'm board chairman. The program finds paid jobs for kids aged 14 to 17, with 13-year-olds as unpaid apprentice members. We just hired our coordinator and assistant coordinator for the summer, which is a huge relief. Now all we have to worry about is getting our hands on two rental vans (gah!) and getting t-shirts printed up and getting ready for the townwide barbecue the Youth Corps runs on the Fourth, and...and...and.

I'm also wrapping things up with the writers' group I run at the school, reading and critiquing the finished stories. So far, there's a crime story (the class trip money was stolen, but a teenage ace detective was all over it), a dystopian tale set in either the future or an alternate universe (all adopted children are being kidnapped by the government to keep population figures down), and the story of a girl whose father is jailed for a purse-snatch that netted $23 (in alternating voices, first person for the girl, third for the dad in jail).

All in all, pretty cool stories. What they have in common is that the authority figures--parents, police, governments--do not fare well. A good sign, right?

And then, of course, in the odd moments between things...there's what I do for a living. What was that again?

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