Monday, October 6, 2008

Authorial Matters

Too revision-ridden to make much sense, but here are a few current events:

1. Had a lovely time Friday night and Saturday at the Bangor Book Festival, where I was on a panel with Carrie Jones and Monica Wood and saw old friends and new people, and was fed sumptuously.

2. Lyny, featured earlier in this post about the forum that has been my on-line community for several years, gave birth to her second child, Marie-Ange, at 12:18 this morning. Marauders worldwide were in a dither around 8 a.m. EDT because Lyny's stepfather made the sensible decision not to call the news in to Meg in Milwaukee until a decent hour this morning, and we all knew her c-section had been scheduled for 10 p.m. But all's well, and....Happy Birthday, Marie-Ange!

3. I'm celebrating my book launch this week over at the Class of 2k8 blog. The week's offerings will include a tribute to my little town and an interview with Medford, Prudy, and the Goatman (characters in The Unnameables). Don't miss it!

4. I'm on a page with Neil Gaiman! The September/October issue of Scholastic's Instructor magazine, which goes out to 150,000 or so teachers, recommends The Graveyard Book, The Hunger Games, and *drum roll* The Unnameables as "three must-read fantasies."

Back to revision...


Anonymous said...

Congrats, Ellen on your long-awaited arrival. I will get myself a copy, It sounds like it's off to a roaring start.
Way to go!-gabe

Ellen Booraem said...

Gabe! Great to hear from you. And I'm looking forward to YOUR long-awaited arrival!

Anonymous said...

Woohoo Astrella!!!!! You rock girl!