Monday, October 27, 2008

Silly Season

You can tell this area is about to vote Democratic when all the Dem campaign signs start disappearing. My Obama sign went AWOL four days after I put it up--just like last time, when this district and this state went for Kerry. Like last time, I'll try to foil the evil-doers by nailing my replacement sign to a tree. (A neat trick, since the replacement is plastic rather than cardboard. I'll manage.)

This is the humane approach--one of my neighbors is talking about smearing his replacement sign with dog poop. On a more stately level, some local Dems are marrying their replacement signs with hand-made signs pointing out how UnAmerican it is to stifle free speech. I have a small American flag somewhere around here--maybe I'll pin that to my new sign.

Tragically, the tree I used last time to quash sign-theft split and fell over yesterday in a wind storm. It was a lovely spruce perched up on rocks with tangled roots, making our driveway entrance look all elven and dwarvish. Beyond the tragedy is the sheer annoyance--we have at least 20 trees to cut down for one reason or another (growing too tall and blocking the sun being the main one). Naturally, every one of them is smugly upright.

Time to take a break and have a chuckle.

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