Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Excuses, Excuses

There's a very good reason why I haven't blogged for a solid week. Really. An excellent, undeniable, unarguable excuse.

I have nothing to say.

Unless, of course, you'd like to hear about Cape Verdean animism. After weeks and weeks of fighting this stupid sequel, I have finally, finally reached that point when your innards hum with new ideas and anything that makes you think about something else seems like an imposition. Taxes, for instance. The Brooklin Youth Corps budget. Blogging.

This does not mean that the writing is zooming along, mind you. It just means I feel that writing this book is what I'm supposed to be doing, as opposed to trudging out to find paying work. The fact that there is no paying work is a huge help.

The writers that starve in the spring, tra-la...

My funny bone reawakened last week with the news that Bill and Joyce at Literate Lives have decided to sponsor a Grand Discussion about The Unnameables. Scroll down to check out the self-portrait for their flyer...

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Bill said...

Glad we made you laugh, Joyce and I do that a lot!