Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Lovey Dovey

I'm getting all intense about drafting a possible sequel to The Filioli. (I say "possible" because the sequel to The Unnameables ended up being rent limb from limb and the still-warm parts grafted onto the first book.)

Today I did a "save as" on Chapter Five so I can see what happens if it takes a different direction. (This is why it's much wiser to become a writer rather than a painter, if you have the choice. There's no "save as" on a canvas.) Then I went to the library for another round of Stump the Librarian, and the excellent Stephanie Atwater is looking on interlibrary loan for books on animism, the Cape Verde Islands, or both. How does any of that relate to a fairy and/or a pub? Heh heh heh (nervous laughter)...good question.

Speaking of the library, they're having a fundraising auction in which all sorts of goodies are available for a song, including books by 2k8ers and others. The bidding closes at the end of this week, so have at it!

Speaking of having at it (not really, but I couldn't think of a segue), I'm participating in Kids(heart)authors Day, during which kidlit authors and illustrators in New England and New York spend Valentine's Day loving up some independent bookstores and signing books for people to give as valentines. Rebekah Raye and I will be at Sherman's Bookstore in Bar Harbor Saturday, February 14, from 10 a.m. to noon. If you're not in Maine, take a look at the regional web site and find a bookstore near you. Be there or be (heart)less.


Barrie said...

Re the auction: I forgot to follow through and send a copy of my book. BUT I just bid on some gorgeous jewlery!!!

Barrie said...

Hey Ellen! I WON!! (jewelry, that is. At the auction!)

Ellen Booraem said...


2k8 certainly is well represented. I won CDs by local Celtic fiddler George Fowler, which is a huge thrill. And Marissa won the priviledge of crewing on a Eggemoggin Reach regatta boat, so she and her husband will be staying here that weekend.

Which jewelry did you get?