Monday, August 18, 2008

Blue Skies and Cheese

Our friends Linda and Michael are visiting from Rhode Island, and once again their weather karma holds. They rent a camp up here for a week every summer--no matter when they come up and no matter how dreadful life is before they come and after they leave, they always, always, always have great weather. This time, our last bits of rain came on Saturday, when they were driving and didn't need it to be nice. The sun came out yesterday, and is predicted to stay out all week.

Last night we ate dinner at their camp, which is on Eggemoggin Reach. At left is one last stubborn cloud rushing off after the rest of the flock.

Linda and Michael's young dog, Dudley, (below) spent the cocktail hour eying the cheese from increasingly close range. Minutes after these photos were taken, when no one was paying attention, Dudley grabbed the cheese and pranced off with it. Being dog-lovers all, we got it back, rinsed it off, and kept eating it.

Today, I feel a strange urge to scratch my ear with my foot.

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