Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Best Intentions

Our neighborhood observed Labor Day with a backyard barbecue and chatfest two doors down at Greg and Cope's house. The event was supposed to be an energetic afternoon of lawn games: croquet, bocci, horseshoes, and some strange but enthralling game in which you threw a cord with balls on the end and tried to wrap it around a bar.


Here's what the lawn looked like for ninety-nine percent of the day:

Here's what we looked like:

As a neighborhood, it's safe to say we are talkers, eaters and drinkers rather than energetic game players.

Mostly talkers.

Plus, September was starting. We had to rest up.


Barrie said...

Looks delightful. Wish I'd been there. And all those games would've kept my kids busy. So that I could've eat, drank and chatted with the rest of you!

Anonymous said...

Hillbilly golf. Yes, unfortunately I know the name of that game!


Sandi said...

Ellen, I have your book! The local Barnes and Noble had one copy, and I got it!

I'm so excited, I have chills!

Ellen Booraem said...

Hillbilly golf??? Is that what it's called? (You can see the target to the left of the photo.) I didn't try it but it looked fun.

Hey Sandi--you're the first sighting in an actual bookstore!!!! *dances* (I'm glad to know B&N is stocking it...I've been afraid to ask.)

Anonymous said...

It's shipped! It's in the mail -- so says Amazon.

Should be here any day now!



Ellen Booraem said...


Yay, Pepper! Way to get that Amazon ranking up there!

Thanks for the support. :bighug: