Monday, December 22, 2008

Lovely, Dark, and...

Pissed off.

This applies only to Rob, who had to scoop and shovel all 18 inches of snow singlehandedly because His Beloved is a knee jerk. All I managed to do was clean off the cars, which seemed like it wouldn't involve much knee action.

I was so thrilled by it all that you'd almost think I was capable of skiing. If I were permitted to ski, I'd be insufferable right now.

Here are some shots, because I can't help myself:


Sandi said...

I guess Rob has no use for Robert Frost. Then again, Robert Frost probably had someone to shovel snow for him.

I'm with you, Ellen--it's beautiful. I miss snow so much. Enjoy it, even if you can't ski.


Anonymous said...

I'm with Rob on this one, having had to shovel ten inches of the stuff out of the driveway this weekend.

I'm glad someone can sit back and enjoy it though. Snow is much nicer out in the woods than it is in the city.

Ellen Booraem said...

I dunno...I like to think of Robert Frost as someone who did his own shoveling somehow.

My joy wil be shortlived. We're supposed to get rain on Wednesday. :-(

Anonymous said...

I would LOVE to have all that snow!!!! Evidently, I am secretly a masochist, because I love to shovel snow. And play in snow. And make snow angels, and forts, and have snow ball fights,and sledding and oh yeah, did I mention I love to shovel it also? So where`s that ticket to Maine? I`ll come up and shovel all your snow, my only requirement is hot chocolate, and lots of it. Evidently I also come cheap.
*goes off and ponders this developement into her psyche*
p.s. My word verification is snance, which of course I misread the first time. YNYOW__

Barrie said...

That is a lot of snow!