Sunday, November 1, 2009

The Wages of Smugness

These are the times that try one's agnosticism. The times, I mean, when there actually does seem to be Divine Justice.

In early October, when Rob succumbed to a nasty flu-like germ, I--veteran of many ear infections--tried to get him to breathe steam and take decongestants. He refused, loudly questioning the cosmos about why he had to be inflicted with this woman butting in when she should just leave him the frig alone to wallow in his misery.

He got an ear infection, which he still is fighting. He went to the doctor, who gave him an antibiotic and also decongestants just like the ones I'd been promoting. I was smug about this. Also about the fact that, ten days later, I still hadn't gotten sick. Thank heaven, I said, that One of Us knows something about healthy living, and isn't it too bad the Other One doesn't follow her advice and stellar example.

Heaven, unfortunately, was listening to this crap, and a week ago Friday I got sick. I was not disheartened, but saw this as a chance to demonstrate the truly virtuous approach to illness. I set up the humidifier and took decongestants. I stayed in bed until my fever went away. I maintained my sense of humor and did not growl at my beloved when he asked me if I wanted anything.

As a reward for my virtue, and an obvious invitation to further smugness, I did not get an ear infection.

I got pneumonia.

Apparently, Divine Justice has a sly sense of humor.


Sandi said...

Sending chicken soup vibes your way, Ellen (and may some stick to The Man). Hope you're feeling much better very soon.

Barrie said...

Pneumonia?! Oh yikes! Hope you're back to your tiptop healthy self again soon!

Ellen Booraem said...

Thanks! I'm feeling better every day...

I do like the notion of throwing soup at The Man, Sandi.

Sandi said...

Then by all means, let's do it! *starts flinging soup*

Glad to see you still have your sense of humor despite being sick. :)

Anonymous said...

HA! That`ll teach you about getting cocky. Or at least that`s what I tell my son.I hope you feel better by now, since I`m late, and going further back in time reading your blog.


My word verification is "urstreg" That sounds like the illness you had Astrella!