Friday, November 27, 2009

An Inkpot Poll

In a couple of weeks, I'll be hosting a discussion at The Enchanted Inkpot about maps in fantasy novels. To help get the discussion started, I'd love it if you'd take the poll below...and then check in at the Inkpot on Monday, December 14, to contribute your two cents!

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Anonymous said...

I voted for 2 uses, so I`m glad it worked out instead of just trying to decide one choice.


Anonymous said...

I think maps in fantasy books can be overused, and large, complicated maps will actually put me off a series. Personally I like small, detailed maps with personal notes or none at all. I do not think Maps make books any better.

Sarah Prineas said...

Hi, Ellen!

I LOVE maps, but that might just be me channeling JRR Tolkien, who loved maps, too. Or maybe just Hobbits love maps. Whatever, so do I.

Recently I participated in a discussion with some other fantasy writers about the maps in their books, and sometimes authors have to commission the map themselves if the publisher doesn't feel the expense is warranted. But fantasy authors tend to be map-positive, so they often do go out and hire somebody to draw the map, or, if they have the skills, they do it themselves. I've seen maps in fantasy books that were drawn by the book's editor. My own book has two maps in it, which you can probably imagine makes me very happy (except that the first edition version map has TWO errors in it, which does not).

Ellen Booraem said...

Great to hear from you, KZ and Sarah!

I suspect most fantasy writers draw rough maps and floorplans while they're writing--how else do you keep track of it all? So then it's just a question of talking your publisher into making a pretty version of the horrible, crumpled mass of henscratchings you usually have on your desk when the book's finished.

I've often wondered whether JK Rowling tried to map hogwarts--don't see how you'd map the castle, with everything switching around all the time. But she must at least have notes about what floor things are on.

Kate Coombs said...

My publisher wasn't up for putting a map in my book, so I drew one and posted it on my website for readers' reference. I know I wanted it for myself while writing the book!

Juliette Dominguez said...

I love maps. Most recent map usage was from THE MAGICIANS... :)

Ellen Booraem said...

I have yet to make it through a book without scribbling maps and floorplans. I was surprised and thrilled that they wanted to include a couple of maps in THE UNNAMEABLES, and I absolutely adore them. Don't think they're called for in the WIP, though.

I love maps in all situations...even real life. Google EArth is my idea of heaven.