Friday, January 1, 2010

Welcome, 2010

OK, I utterly and completely swear that this is the last picture I'll post of the lights on my maple tree. Until next December, anyway. But aren't they gorgeous? I under-exposed the shot to bring out their full magnificence. Not sure that blue tinge would be there under normal shooting conditions.

Anyway, it's now this weird year, 2010. Fun to type, but it won't be as much fun to write as 2009, which had a wonderful, swoopy quality.

We stayed quietly at home last night, relaxing after what seemed like one holiday event after another, although I suspect to someone else our High Times would feel a lot like boredom. We're both looking forward to getting back to serious work. Or at least I will be once my missing manuscript arrives (the one "overnighted" from NYC on December 21)--I suspect that may mean my editor sending me a new copy. I've been doing some useful background work while waiting for it, wrote a scene I know I'll need, resolved some philosophical issues ... but am seriously (really!) looking forward to the full glory of the revision ahead of me.

And it's supposed to snow like bejesus the next two days, which delights me because I may finally venture out on skis. I'm trying to persuade Rob that anything over a foot means we call someone to plow rather than snow-scooping it ourselves, but no headway so far.

Here, as an alternative to another maple tree lights photo, is a short film my friend Larry found on YouTube. Happy New Year!


Barrie said...

Did she arrive?

Ellen Booraem said...

Got the copy this afternoon. Frustrating, because some of the margin comments are cut off, but I think I can decipher it well enough. No sign of the original.

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