Tuesday, January 18, 2011


The official launch date of SMALL PERSONS WITH WINGS is Thursday, but last week was kind of an unofficial launch. Carrie Jones and I read from our new opuses (opii?) at the Blue Hill Library, before a hardy crowd of 25 people who didn't seem to mind the dreadful roads. (This is why Nick at Blue Hill Books regarded me with horror when I said the book was coming out in January... I could tell he was thinking about the joys of putting on a reading when the weather is almost guaranteed to be discouraging.)

My writers group put on a little celebration after the reading, complete with cool baked goods. Here, for example, is Ann's collection of chocolate cupcakes arranged like the title on the cover:

And Susa's marzipan Small Persons with yet more chocolate:

We drank champagne, ate cake and artichoke dip and other goodies (well, I did, anyway) and yucked it up. I can't remember which moment this is, but Becky (our hostess, at right) and I clearly had had just about enough champagne, thank you.

PS I'm reliably informed that the plural of opus is opera. Go figure. (Thanks, Aberforth aka Andrew.) Also, the photos are by Sherry Streeter, who took both of my author photos.


Monica said...

Ah, but what better weather to sit at home, reading a good book.

Love the cakes.

Anonymous said...

I love the cakes! Glad you had such a well deserved celebration!

Connie H.

Anonymous said...

Excellent! So you don`t remember wallowing around in the cupcakes, eh? :P


P.s. My word verification thingie is vesectob, which I`m sure is some disease, or at least it should be the name of one.

Ellen Booraem said...

Well....*looks uncertain*... I don't REMEMBER any wallowing.

I dunno, KZ, I think your word verification sounds like a surgical procedure. Definitely medical, anyway.

Mine's "exica," which is a skin disease. Or a Mexican state.

Anonymous said...

Well, I was going to say it sounded like the nickname for a vasectemy- bob, which I guess you could say is what they do for the procedure, but then I wasn`t sure if you wanted your blog dragged down into the gutter or not,believe it or not I was trying to behave myself! *haughty sniff* Now, of course, all bets are off! *Wallow, wallow*

P.S. Now my word verification thingie says Psycon, do you think it is trying to say something to me? *looks uncertainly left and right*

Ellen Booraem said...

I don't think it's telling you anything you don't already know, KZ.

*big hug*

*splitsville before KZ recovers from the hug*

PS Ooooo...mine's "mentax." I think there's a theme here.

Anonymous said...