Friday, February 25, 2011

Just to Look At

You know how, when a toddler confronts an expensive china thing, you say, "No, no...that's just to look at"?

Well, I have several things to show you that for the moment are Just to Look At but soon will be To Read. In other words: BOOK COVERS, BABY, all of them announced this week or shortly before.

I am doing this today because I need something great to look at because it's snowing and it just turned to rain and sleet and at some point I will have to shovel 5 to 8 inches of wet concrete off the deck and after all that it might not even be skiable so I'll be relegated to the Evil Snowshoes That Dump Me Headfirst. Otherwise, the weather's fine, thanks, wish you were here.

First, here's the latest edition of Barrie Summy's "I So Don't..." series of teen novels (Barrie was a fellow 2k8er with her debut novel, I SO DON'T DO MYSTERIES.) This one comes out May 10.

Winner of the creep-tastic prize is the brand new cover for Gretchen McNeil's POSSESS, her debut novel. Gretchen is a fellow Enchanted Inkpot blogger, and also sings in a circus so she's well worth knowing. POSSESS, which is about a girl who can banish demons, comes out in August.

Elizabeth C. Bunce, another 2k8er AND another Inkie, is publishing her third book, for which I try not to hate her. LIAR'S MOON, Elizabeth's second fantasy about a pickpocket named Digger, comes out in November.

And Elliot's back! That would be Jennifer Nielsen's Elliot Penster, goblin fighter--now up against pixies. Jennifer's also an Inkie. This book comes out in May.

Well, I feel better. How about you?

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