Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Winners and Bloggers

When a task requires intelligence, good humor, charisma, deftness, and absolute integrity, who do you call?

A librarian, of course.

And so it was that I descended earlier today on Friend Memorial Public Library, Brooklin, Maine, carrying a failed knitting project and nine slips of paper with names on them. And sure enough, Library Director Stephanie Atwater was ready and willing.

We put the slips of paper into the FKP. Stephanie went to work.

And the winner of signed copies of SMALL PERSONS WITH WINGS and THE UNNAMEABLES is ... Anamaria! (Email me your address, Anamaria, and I'll ship them right out.)

In other news: SMALL PERSONS WITH WINGS is having its own private party over at RT Book Reviews. I burbled out a guest post -- which has yet another book give-away detailed at the bottom -- and on top of that there's a lovely review.

Also Library Media Connection recommended SMALL PERSONS as "a fun, magical read."

The knitting report: Rob wore the socks I knitted out in public Saturday night, and they did not unravel. They didn't even itch, he said, although I don't think I can take credit for that. Despite my burning desire to knit myself another Portuguese fisherman's sweater, the task of finding the 20-year-old pattern (in the wasteland of abandoned craft projects that is our attic) was beyond me. So I'm knitting myself a pair of cotton socks, which was the original goal anyway. I started last night. The air was blue with cuss words. And yet I persevere.

I have to read Dr. Seuss's OH, THE PLACES YOU'LL GO to the Brooklin Elementary School tomorrow, which is all about perseverence. Maybe I'll talk about knitting. Or...maybe not.

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Barrie said...

I used to knit. Or at least try. The book I reviewed this month is by a woman who knits (Eileen Cook), Funny little connection!

I do love that Dr. Seuss book.