Monday, March 21, 2011

Happy Paperback Birthday, Medford!

THE UNNAMEABLES comes out in paperback today, and what better way to celebrate than to subject yourself to total humiliation? So here I am, reading bits of it aloud:

In other news: SMALL PERSONS WITH WINGS got its very own paragraph in The Washington Post over the weekend, in a Book World special section on children's books. I'm ridiculously happy about it. So shallow.

The knitting report: I finished a cotton sock. Started another. The first one looks extremely sloppy in the upper ankle area, so I am trying to be A Better Knitter in this second one. But I figure, hey, nobody's ever going to see my upper ankle area when I'm wearing jeans, right? Depraved as I am, I can't see me wearing navy-blue cotton socks with shorts. (And a spectral voice intones: Never say never.)

The writing report: Back to CONNOR'S BANSHEE today. I'm printing it out in order to read it in hard copy. *shudder*

Everything else: Please, please, Qaddafi, just go to Sharm el-Sheikh and relax under the palm trees with Mubarak. (Spectral voice snickers. Yeah, right.)


Ruth said...

"I'm ridiculously happy about it. So shallow."

Sh! Allow yourself to be happy, you deserve it!

And I love how you placed SPWW in the background of the video. :-)

Ellen Booraem said...

*snort* I can't believe you noticed that.

What am I saying? This is SUPERAUNTIE we're talking about.

Anonymous said...

ARGH!!!!!! I read that as S P E W AGAIN, not as SPWW. When will I ever get it right?!
*shakes head despairingly*

Kzspot, whose word verification thingie is mantr, so I think they spelled mantra wrong by leaving off the A.....