Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Oh Dear

Um. A month seems to have passed since my last post. How did that happen?

And I had news! I have a cover! I have maps! I have galleys! My Little Town had the world's most uneventful town meeting! There are crocuses! (And still patches of snow, but if you squint they look like blazing white sand in a tropical setting, so that's OK.)

Anyway, to start the catch-up, here's the gorgeous cover for The Unnameables, designed by Linda Lockowitz. I think Photoshop is involved, but I don't know where the elements came from. Anyway, it's very cool, and fits the book beautifully.

The galleys are an unnerving experience, as I knew they would be. They look lovely (again the work of Ms. Lockowitz, I assume) but reading something I've written set in type has always made me hypercritical. I'm second-guessing every damn comma, and sitting on my hands to keep from making 4,385 corrections.

Bad enough that there are real mistakes to be corrected. I can't believe, at this late date, that I'm still finding world-building inconsistancies. Found one yesterday that has been in the book since the first draft, and I only just realized how inconsistant it is.

But if you squint it looks like it could have been deliberate. So that's OK.