Monday, November 17, 2008

Life Is More Than a Lost Camera

Despite having left my camera on a plane bound for Kansas City and beyond (see post below), I am singing happy author songs.

First of all, yay for Kirkus Reviews, which included The Unnameables in its Best Children's Books of 2008 special section.(That's a pdf link, by the way.) The section recommends 31 kids' books for the year. [Edit: Actually, a closer look tells me it's more like 50, if you include a couple of separate lists I thought were ads. They offer about ten each of favorite series books and books mentioned on other lists.]

The book also is on the Indie Bound Kids' Next list for Winter 2008/2009. This is 59 books recommended by independent booksellers.

School Library Journal says The Unnameables has "a style and charm all its own," and the American Library Association's Booklist says "Patient readers who like a little quirk in their fantasy will enjoy this stick-it-to-the-status-quo romp." I'll be posting the full reviews on my website, possibly later on today.


Anonymous said...

Congratulations, Ellen. I loved the book. This is great news. And thanks again for the writer's block tip.

Sandi said...

Ellen, I am so thrilled for you! You deserve every success!

Anonymous said...

Well deserved accolades.

Guess what all my nieces and nephews will be getting for Christmas this year? :)

Barrie said...

This is great news! All of it! should send it to me (along with links) for Shameless Sat on the class of 2k8 blog. ;)