Friday, November 14, 2008

Really REALLY bad blogger

And it's because I'm in Minnesota, whooping it up.

Since Wednesday, I've been in St. Peter, Minnesota, talking to students of various ages (I'm the guest of Gustavus Adolphus College, where my friends Lisa Heldke and Peg O'Connor teach philosophy, but I also visited classes at the local middle school and sat in with a local writers group).

I did, for once, remember my camera and, miraculously, did remember to take pictures. (Oops, just remembered I forgot to take my camera to the last class at Gustavus. Rats.) I'll post them when I get home.

I never did write about the election. First time I ever cried in front of Jim Lehrer, but I'm sure he understands. Oddly, I did not feel "triumphant," as I'd expected. It was a quieter feeling, a wash of relief. I discovered that the current administration had actually had a physical effect on me...all of a sudden, my stomach lining is intact.

But we do know Mr. Obama is human, right? He's not going to solve everything, and certainly not right away. Anyway, it'll take years to undo what the current folks have done to our constitution and national morals and morale. But the longest journey starts with one election.

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Barrie said...

Oooo pictures! Glad you're having fun! I'm off to San Jose tomorrow to hang out with Stacy, PJ, Courtney, and Zu!